Take in a Concert at the Tacoma Dome

Sequim, Washington is definitely country living in modern times.  This means we can enjoy the lifestyle without the craziness of the concrete jungle in Seattle or Tacoma, but we can also take a two hour drive to the Tacoma Dome to attend a concert.  The Tacoma Dome is the main venue in the entire Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area for big concerts.  Coming up, for example, is Kenney Chesney, Motley Crue (who?), Taylor Swift (cool), and past events include George Strait, Bill Gaither, Nickleback, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Sebastian, and many others.  Last night it was a Britney Spears concert at the Tacoma Dome, and I took my daughter and her friends.

365 Things To Do in Sequim

The girls had the time of their lives, and I enjoyed myself because my daughter had such a good time.  Enjoy a concert at the Tacoma Dome.

Take a Driving Tour of Sequim

Sequim has plenty of stunning scenery, and any sunny day is a great day to take a drive and see some of our water views or some of the beautiful agricultural scenery, including the many farms and fields we have from east of Sequim to far west of Port Angeles.

Sequim Water Views
Sequim Farms

The main highway up the Olympic Peninsula is Highway 101, but you’ll want to drive along Marine Drive, Sequim-Dungeness, Happy Valley, Hooker Road, Blue Mountain, Deer Park, Black Diamond, and many more.

Visit The Elwha River

The Elwha River is one of our major rivers on the Olympic Peninsula.  It comes out of the mountains of the Olympic National Mountains and winds its way down through two dams (currently getting removed) into beautiful Freshwater Bay west of Port Angeles.

Elwha River

The Elwha River is full of fish and is a natural Salmon habitat.  You can also boat on the Elwha River in many places, and kayaking is a popular Elwha River activity.

If you’re a movie buff, you might recognize the Elwha River Dam in the movie The Hunted starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benito del Toro, where they had a fight just below the dam.  The Elwha River is definitely worth seeing.

Go Kayaking in Sequim

Kayaking around Sequim up and down the Strait of Juan de Fuca is a lot of fun.  We have John Wayne Marina and Sequim Bay, Discovery Bay, Port Williams Bay, Dungeness Bay, Cline Spit to the Lighthouse, Port Angeles Marina and Port Angeles Bay, Freshwater Bay, and Salt Creek Bay.  In addition, there are lakes like Crescent Lake and rivers like the Elwha River.  With sunshine breaking out all over, kayaking has a good number of devotees.

Kayaking in Sequim

In this photo I am Kayaking in one of my favorite areas, Freshwater Bay.  I would encourage you to start kayaking if you don’t already.  It’s healthy fun and very affordable.  This kayak, which handles wonderfully, is a 10’4″ Equinox purchased at Costco for $329.  I love it.  The Sequim and Port Angeles areas are known for having more recreational year-round activities than almost anywhere in the country.

Visit the Olympic Game Farm

The Olympic Game Farm is famous for its animal farm and the variety of animals you can see through your car window as you drive through the Farm.  The Olympic Game Farm worked for Walt Disney Studios for 28 years with movies such as “Charlie the Lonesome Cougar”, “The Incredible Journey”, “White Wilderness” and “Grizzly Adams.”

Olympic Game Farm

Olympic Game Farm Animals

There are Elk, Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs, Llamas, Yaks, Rhinos, American Bison, European Fallow Deer, Bengal Tigers, African Lions, Cougars, Mountain Lions, Puma, Panthers, Canadian Lynx, Bobcats, Coyotes, Black Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Glacier Bear, Kodiak Bear, and Alaska Brown Bear.

I actually rented a small farm adjacent to the Olympic Game Farm for a while, and it was fun hearing the wild animals make their noises, especially the lions that roared early in the morning.

I recommend keeping your hands inside the car and the windows rolled up most of the way, although this not quite like Jurassic Park.  The animals are friendly, although the disclaimer is that if a Bison dents your car, it is your responsibility.  Learn more from their website at Sequim’s Olympic Game Park.

Workout at AnyTime Fitness in Sequim

Join a local gym and workout at your own pace and on your own schedule.  Sequim’s Anytime Fitness is open 24/7, and you simply open the door with your special coded key.  No more wanting to work out at 8 at night or on a Sunday afternoon and the gym is closed.  AnyTime Fitness is always open.

Sequim AnyTime Fitness

Jay and Heidi Bryan are the owner/operators, and they are not only very experienced professional trainers, they are also very pleasant personalities and very patient.  By the way, you can see their website at Sequim AnyTime Fitness.

The gym has a large variety of cardio exercise equipment, and an excellent broad selection of equipment for muscle development.  There’s no doubt that eating right and sleeping good is important, but the third part of the tripartite of health is regular exercise.


Take a Drive to La Push Beach

La Push Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Olympic Peninsula.  For those fans of the movie Twilight, you’ll recognize La Push Beach as one of the scenes in the teenage vampire love story.

La Push Beach

La Push is about a hour and a half drive from Sequim, but what a great way to spend a weekend afternoon on a sunny day.  I took my 14 year old daughter and two of her friends and we picnicked on the beach and explored all afternoon.  I highly recommend this trip.

Watch the Irrigation Festival Fireworks

The Irrigation Festival is one of Sequim’s popular summer events, and there are many activities, including a fireworks show Friday night before the weekend parade.

This year’s fireworks show was at Carrie Blake Park, and it was absolutely fantastic.  For a small town fireworks show, it was as good as many in the big cities.

Sequim Fireworks

Go to the Sequim Strongman Contest

ESPN has been broadcasting the Strongman Contests around the world, and Sequim is fortunate enough to claim one of the strongest men in the world, Jesse Marunde.  Jesse came in 2nd in Chengdu, China in the World’s Strongest Man Contest.  Jesse became Internationally famous and started Sequim’s Annual Strongman Contest, which drew strongmen from all over the world.

Jesse Marunde Strongman

This is an emotional entry for me, because Jesse was my son.  I guess there’s no hiding how proud I am of Jesse.  Jesse died suddenly of a heart attack in his Sequim gym three years ago.  Jesse is the third strongman from the left holding the trophy.  The strongman contest has continued annually as the Jesse Marunde Memorial Strongman Contest.

Stay at a Sequim B&B

Sequim B&Bs are popular getaways for the weekend or the week for many couples from out of state and from the Seattle Metropolitan area.  Who likes to stay at a Bed & Breakfast?  Just about everyone, including authors, artists, CEOs, couples wanting special time together, retirees checking out the area, and wedding parties.

Sequim B&B

Sequim Bed & Breakfast – Sea Cliff Gardens

“We are a two-acre oceanfront Victorian bed and breakfast estate between Port Angeles and Sequim on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Backed against natural forest, the home of deer, raccoons and quail, the estate is fronted by lush English gardens that spill from Victorian guest rooms to a bluff standing over the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Below the cliff, whales play; overhead, eagles wheel; and in the distance, Vancouver Island rises above the sea mist.”  Learn more about Sea Cliff Gardens on their website at Sequim & Port Angeles B&B.

How can you resist this?  Stay at a Sequim Bed & Breakfast.  You’ll be glad you did.