Meet Sequimites

Meet Sequimites. One of the common comments I receive from people visiting Sequim is that people in Sequim are so friendly. So here’s a fun activity–go out and meet some Sequimites. Whether you are taking a walk in Carrie Blake Park in Sequim or walking around in Safeway, or just asking for directions, try striking up a conversation with some Sequimites. What you’ll find out is that Sequimites are incredibly friendly, happy, and great conversationalists.


Sequimites Super Friendly

Taking a walk out by the Sequim-Dungeness Lighthouse is another opportunity to engage some Sequimites and find out how friendly they are. This is a big reason so many move to Sequim. Pass someone on a sidewalk in Las Angeles, and you make sure you don’t make eye contact, and you certainly don’t greet a stranger, but you do in Sequim.

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