Meet Sequimites

Meet Sequimites. One of the common comments I receive from people visiting Sequim is that people in Sequim are so friendly. So here’s a fun activity–go out and meet some Sequimites. Whether you are taking a walk in Carrie Blake Park in Sequim or walking around in Safeway, or just asking for directions, try striking up a conversation with some Sequimites. What you’ll find out is that Sequimites are incredibly friendly, happy, and great conversationalists.


Sequimites Super Friendly

Taking a walk out by the Sequim-Dungeness Lighthouse is another opportunity to engage some Sequimites and find out how friendly they are. This is a big reason so many move to Sequim. Pass someone on a sidewalk in Las Angeles, and you make sure you don’t make eye contact, and you certainly don’t greet a stranger, but you do in Sequim.

Driving Around to Look at Sequim Homes

Looking at Sequim homes. This is a past time that many of us enjoy–driving around to look at Sequim homes. This never gets old. I’ve lived in Sequim for two decades, and I still discover roads and neighborhoods I’ve never seen.

Sequim Homes

Sequim Homes Not Cookie Cutter

Not only are there many beautiful neighborhoods, but there is a great variety of architectural styles. Sequim retirees tend to build custom homes. They don’t typically do cooker cutter subdivisions that are boring and all look the same. Sequim homes tend to be unique, even if they are traditional floor plans.

Sequim Homes

So driving around to look at Sequim homes is always an adventure. You never know what you’ll find.

Sequim Photos

If you love nature, you will love taking Sequim photos. The Olympic Peninsula is one of the most pristine areas of the country. On a beautiful sunny day, all you have to do is grab your camera and jump in your car. Drive in any direction, and you’ll arrive at any of hundreds of wonderful locations to take Sequim photos you can keep and enjoy forever. Like this photo I took from the top of Hurricane Ridge. I love looking at this photo, and I enlarged it to a 30×40 canvas print which hangs in my office.

Sequim Photos

Sequim Photos

From Sequim you can drive to Port Townsend and capture some great photos of the sailboats and the architecture of the old buildings downtown. You can drive out to Port Angeles and westward and capture stunning images of beaches and mountains. Sequim photos can include just about every subject you could think of, rivers, mountains, lakes, sailing, and downtown community activities throughout the summer and fall.

Sequim Photos Shared

If you have been out and about on the Olympic Peninsula, and you captured that one in a hundred photos you would like to share, by all means email it to [email protected], and tell me a little about where you took it and what you were doing, and I’ll post it here with all our other Sequim photos.

Crabbing Around Sequim

Crabbing around Sequim is one of Puget Sound’s most popular recreational activities. Sportsmen catch more than a million pounds of Dungeness crab, using pots, ring nets, and for those who are wading or diving, with their bare hands.

Crabbing around Sequim

My good friend Don and his beloved having far too much fun.

Crabbing Around Sequim

When can you crab? In the areas of East Juan de Fuca Strait, Port Angeles Harbor, Discovery Bay the season is open from Thursday, July 3rd 2014, and remains open through September 1st 2014 (Labor Day). Crabbing is only allowed Thursdays through Mondays each week during the summer season (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). You can learn more from the Washington Department of Fish and Widlife at Crabbing around Sequim.

Visit Kitsap Forest Theater

Welcome to the Kitsap Forest Theater. A one hour drive from Sequim this is a sweet destination you will thoroughly enjoy if you enjoy musicals. The Kitsap Forest Theater purpose is, “Building on a century of tradition, the Mountaineers Players provide exceptional outdoor theatrical productions and educational programs that enrich the community, foster a lifelong enjoyment of the performing arts, and nurture an appreciation for the unique beauty of the Pacific Northwest.”

Kitsap Forest Theater

Kitsap Forest Theater Fun

Check out their activities and schedule of events at their website – Kitsap Forest Theater. I love the history of this organization. The Kitsap Forest Theater “is one of the oldest nonprofit theater groups in the country. The Players troupe performs on the 460-acre Rhododendron Preserve near Bremerton. Giant fir trees surround terraced seating—carved from the side of a natural amphitheater— while verdant ferns serve as the footlights for the performance stage.”

Kitsap Forest Theater Shows

Some of the great musicals have included Annie, Honk, The Secret Garden, Narnia, Footloose, Fiddler on the Roof, Into the Woods, Oklahoma, Godspell, The Sound of Music, High Button Shoes, Seussical, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Beauty and the Beast, and many more going back to 1912. Life in Sequim is rich, and within a one hour drive the Kitsap Forest Theater makes our lives even richer.

Sequim Organic Restaurant

This is one Sequim activity you won’t want to do only once. This Sequim organic restaurant might become a regular for you. The name of this Sequim organic restaurant is Nourish Sequim. I met one of the founders, Tanya, who came out to chat with me at my table. Her passion for healthy food and good nourishment for the body lit up her face as she talked, and I learned there is much more to this Sequim organic restaurant than you might expect.

Sequim Organic Restaurant

Tanya said it better than I could on her website with this appetizing sentence, “Nourish specializes in creatively prepared salads, soups and other healthy entrees, as well as freshly baked goods, lovingly made from all-natural, organic ingredients. The menu will include options for vegetarians and gluten-free. Nourish features catering, to-go meals, a selection of coffee beverages, natural juice blends, hot and cold teas, sparkling wine cocktails, and a nice selection of local beers and wines.” Are you getting hungry? Now do you see why I am urging you to check out the number one Sequim organic restaurant?

Learn more at Sequim Organic Restaurant.

Eat at Doc’s Marina Grill

If you enjoy great food and the perfect setting with a water view, you might enjoy Doc’s Marina Grill in Port Townsend. Drive the short 25 minute drive to Port Townsend from Sequim, and you won’t regret it. I sure didn’t. This became one of my favorite restaurants the very first time I had a Ceasar’s Salad with Blackened Salmon. Wow!

Docs Marina Grill
You can check out their menu right now at:  Docs Marina Grill Menu.


Sequim Baseball

Watch Sequim baseball, and baseball has always been big in Sequim, starting at some fairly young ages. In this photo my own daughter, Sabrina, swings at the ball, and I’m not at liberty to say whether it was a strike or a solid hit.  But it was fun, that’s for sure.


See a Sequim Parade

Sequim has a lot of parades.  We have holiday parades, and event parades, and we even have an Irrigation Festival Parade.  Plan your trip to Sequim by looking at our Chamber of Commerce Event Schedule and look for parades.

Sequim Parades

Take a Motorcycle Ride Around the Peninsula

From Sequim you’ll find some of the best motorcycle roads in the country as you drive west through Port Angeles and around the Olympic Peninsula.  Both Highway 101 and Highway 112 are two lane curvy roads that run along the coast and make a motorcycle ride on a sunny day absolutely fantastic.

Sequim Motorcycles

There’s a lot to see as you drive around the Olympic Peninsula toward Forks, Washington.  It’s a great way to spend a day.  Take a lunch and eat on La Push Beach, or stop in one of the little hamburger joints out west.

Olympic Peninsula Motorcycle Trip